PELLENC Top Handle Professional Chainsaw SEC21

Item Code: SEC21

PELLENC Top Handle Professional Chainsaw SEC21

Item Code: SEC21
  • Pruning requires specialised knowledge and suitable equipment. Pellenc offers arborists a model that will meet their expectations in terms of weight, balance, manoeuvrability, and power. Equipped with numerous innovations, the new Selion C21 HD chainsaw has an exceptional power to weight ratio and allows you to work without noise pollution, without pollution and with unmatched working comfort. Four innovative safety features include: 
  •  Kick-back sensor with electronic start-up. It instantly triggers an electric chain brake in the event of a fall or kickback, and is 8 times more rapid than a petrol-operated chainsaw chain brake. 
  • The low kickback Oregon chains. The rebound effect, if it occurs, will be much less violent than on a conventional chain saw. 
  • Self-diagnostic system of the tool. The Selion verifies that the electronic kickback sensor is operational upon first use, if it is, the machine will operate! 
  • Start-up trigger. Double press start-up prevents accidental operation of the saw.

Price: £1,260.00 £1,197.00
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