Item Code: SMM


Item Code: SMM

Power. Fuel. 

Get out what you put in - with new STIHL MotoMix® When you choose STIHL, you're investing in one of the most carefully-engineered, high-performing and durable range of power tools available. So it deserves the best fuel.  MotoMix® is our own patented fuel created especially for STIHL 2-stroke engine power tools. It ensures the very best performance and lubrication. So, whether you're a professional user, carrying out heavy duty jobs, or an occasional user at home – it will help your tools perform better, for longer. 

Key benefits 

  • Convenience: pre-mixed, so it's ready to go whenever you are Higher performing: 
  • power efficiency with improved fuel economy Better lubricating: 
  • high octane fuel mixture offers excellent protection for your tools Longer lasting:
  •  being ethanol-free means it lasts longer and is stable for up to five years after opening 

MotoMix® FAQ

How does the performance compare with other fuels? MotoMix® uses premium 92 octane gasoline and the superior protection of STIHL HP Ultra two-cycle engine oil to ensure market-leading performance. How does the price compare with other fuels? MotoMix® is very competitively priced, so you can enjoy great performance and great value. How long does it last for? MotoMix® has a shelf life of five years from the date of manufacture which you can find on the container. This only applies when the fuel is stored in the correct conditions ; a cool, dark place in the original, unopened container What can it be used for? MotoMix® is especially designed for STIHL power tools, but is suitable for most 2-stroke power tools that specify pre-mixed fuel. What is the environmental impact? MotoMix® is fully synthetic so it doesn't use precious fossil fuels. It also uses highly-biodegradable engine oil so it is less harmful to the environment.

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