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Bulldog Tools have been made at Clarington Forge, Wigan, since 1780. We have the only full time forge still making spades and forks within the UK.

Come in to our showroom to see the Bulldog range on display ready to purchase and take away the same day.

Expertly Crafted

Our forged garden spades and forks have heads made from a single piece of steel. The steel is a
unique specification which results in exceptionally strong tool heads with the flexibility to absorb all
the shock and pressure of hard work without distorting or breaking. These tools are the gold
standard by which we measure all the tools we make.

Long Lasting

Our tools are built to last. Their value is in their longevity and it's why it's worth making an investment
in a Bulldog Tool. When we hear that a customer is still using our tools nearly two decades after their
purchase, or how our tools have out-lasted other tools or been passed down to the next generation,
we aren't surprised. It's the reputation by which our company stands.

Made in Britain

Bulldog Tools is the only UK manufacturer of garden tools. We are proud of the fact that we make all
of our forged tools in the UK. We employ over 60 staff at our forge in Wigan and make more than 1500
tools per day. It's quite common for several generations of the same family to have worked for the
company, with some employees tracing their family ties back four generations

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